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Providing guidelines for CLIL implementation
http://www.proclil.org/ 04.09.2009, 17:44

The overall aim of PROCLIL is to develop and investigate aspects of CLIL methodology, find ways to successfully implement CLIL in preprimary and primary education and to design teaching materials and an initial and in-service course for teachers.  

More specifically the objectives of the project are: 

  • to investigate various CLIL implementation models and styles
  • to identify practical and other problems in implementing this methodology and suggest solutions to problems that may be detected
  • to identify good practice in CLIL implementation
  • to investigate the effectiveness of CLIL as regards the learning of content
  • to develop appropriate teaching materials.
  • to investigate students’, teachers’, parents’ and administrators’ perceptions and attitudes towards CLIL
  • to develop a teacher training course and produce a handbook for teachers with guidelines for CLIL implementation

By achieving the above goals the project aims to increase young children’s exposure to foreign languages and thus help towards the long-term fight against racism and xenophobia. The project hopes to help improve the quality of language teaching through the implementation of CLIL in preprimary and primary education and to generate knowledge as to the specific methodology which can help the teaching of further languages and strengthen first foreign language in primary school so that  a second foreign language can be more easily and confidently introduced.   

The program’s target groups are pre-primary and primary school teachers, student teachers, administrators, policy makers and training providers 

We hope that this website will be useful to all those interested in CLIL.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to exchange views and experiences with other CLIL programmes.   

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