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The government's recognised centre for expertise on languages, CILT, the National Centre for Languages seeks to promote a greater national capability in languages, supporting and developing multilingualism and intercultural competence in all sectors
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Films, Development programmes, Books
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In year two a second draft of five modules was produced as training material for teacher training courses both for foreign languages and other subjects to be used in a CLIL context.
Each module offers the following structures:
- Aim
- Target group
- Trainers
- Expected outcomes
- Subject
- Content
- Structure
- Methodology
- Evaluation and certification

Projects - Проекты | Переходов: 213 | Добавил: clil | Дата: 12.02.2009

EuroCLIC is a European Network which aims to include as many practitioners, researchers, teacher trainers, policymakers and other players in the field of CLIL as possible.
This network aims to have an active role in promoting exchange of information, experience and materials between the different players in the field of CLIL as well as promoting their interests at a national and European level. The Network is designed around the following instruments:
• The Secretariat: responsible for co-ordinating all network activities
• An e-mail newsletter which offers opportunities to place requests for project partners, provide members with information on research, advertise courses et cetera.
• Occasionally, CD ROM’s, publications, bulletins and conferences.
The World-Wide-Web site (www.euroclic.net) with information about the network, electronic registration forms, links to other European and national organisations, a chatroom.
Bezuidenhoutseweg 253 2594 AM The Hague The Netherlands

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