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Content and Language
Integrated Learning
in Bashkortostan
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CLIL and mathematics education
[ · Скачать удаленно (21 KБ) ] 13.02.2009, 13:50
Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) refers to teaching of non-linguistic subjects (e.g.
mathematics) through an additional language (L2). When using L2 to understand and learn a non- linguistic subject, a wide range of cognitive processes are activated. In our paper we will concentrate on two items related to CLIL in mathematics education:
1. The interaction of three “languages” when teaching mathematics in L2, i.e. mother tongue (L1), L2 and the language of mathematics (L2) - advantages, disadvantages, possible obstacles related to CLIL in mathematics lessons.
2. Differences in L3 discourse when teaching mathematics in L1 and/or
in L2. Concrete examples from CLIL used in secondary schools and from pre-service teacher training courses at Charles University in Prague will be used during the presentation.

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