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Content and Language
Integrated Learning
in Bashkortostan
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Towards a pedagogy for teaching maths and science in English in diverse contexts.
[ · Скачать удаленно (36 KБ) ] 13.02.2009, 14:17
This paper is concerned with demands made on pedagogies for teaching maths and science in English in a Malaysian context. It considers the notions that must be taken into account to provide comprehensive programs in subject areas across the curriculum when they are taught in a second language in diverse contexts. I argue that such pedagogy must include an ‘integrated’ approach to teaching language. This includes teaching language through using language as well as providing consciousness of language as it is taught interactively and reflectively within the particularities of a classroom and sociocultural context.

Thinking about these questions has immersed us in crucial debates that underpin the study of second and foreign language acquisition. A particular and crucial conversation relates to the different emphasis that should be given to
• The ways that learners use language
• Their consciousness of the ways that language works
• The strategies they use to acquire language

Full version: http://www.deakin.edu.au/arts-ed/education/du-usm-linkage/seminar/2006/doc/arber.doc
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