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ICT Support for Science and Mathematics Teachers in The Implementation of ETeMS
[ · Скачать удаленно (45 KБ) ] 13.02.2009, 14:30
Since the year 2003, the language used for the teaching of Mathematics and Science in Malaysia was changed from Bahasa Melayu to the English language. This sudden change in the medium of instruction for science and mathematics in schools requires a drastic adjustment on the part of teachers in terms of delivering lessons. Being trained to teach in the National Language (Bahasa Malaysia) and having taught in that language for many years, it was rather difficult for these teachers to make an overnight change and be experts in delivering lessons in the English language.

To help them cope, the Education Ministry planned ongoing training and workshops to improve English proficiency among teachers. Besides ongoing training to enhance the quality of English language teaching, the Ministry also enlisted the aid of a language solution and training provider, to develop CD-ROM-based courseware in English for the teaching of mathematics and science (ETeMS).

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