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[ · Скачать удаленно (103 KБ) ] 12.02.2009, 09:19
The future doesn’t just
happen, it is shaped and
modelled by our actions.

It is not so much what we know but how we use it.

FAQ about CLIL
  1. Could learning in the additional language hurt the child’s first language?
  2. Will my child learn the main content as well as if s/he studies only in the first language?
  3. What if my child is not as good at languages as the other children in the classroom?
  4. Should my child already have a background in the additional language, like having lived abroad or used it with family members or friends before starting CLIL?
  5. Is it likely that my child will have to do more work, and possibly face more stress, if s/he joins the CLIL class?
  6. What is the responsibility of parents in CLIL?
  7. Is it important that the parent can also speak in the CLIL language?
  8. What if I cannot help my child with his/her homework?
  9. Will I have to spend more money on materials if my child goes into a CLIL class?
  10. Who are the CLIL teachers?
  11. Will the teacher use the youngster’s first language if things become too difficult in the CLIL language for him/her to understand the content?
  12. Does CLIL encourage a multicultural policy which recognises the importance of all the children’s languages in the school, or is the focus only on the CLIL language?

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