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Increasing the motivation for Physics using English as a medium of teaching
[ · Скачать удаленно (123 KБ) ] 12.02.2009, 10:02
Using a second language as a medium of teaching other subjects is a controversial issue which engendered vivid disputes. When this subject is a science like Mathematics or Physics, people tend to think that the foreign language could become a serious handicap.
The authors of this article consider that English medium could be a high impetus and exciting motivator for learning Physics, if the instructional approach is adequate to the specific context. Far from considering exhaustive, we suggest some strategies which can increase the interest of pupils for studying Physics in bilingual classes, as well as for enhancing the degree of concepts’ understanding. For we don't believe that using the medium, English language, is the barrier but the way we use the medium itself.
The present paper is based on the factual and deep research teaching experience in one of bilingual classes in Romania and shows both the advantages and disadvantages. Besides, it reveals students opinions concerning the impact of learning Physics in a foreign language.
One important thing is to move away from plain language as far as possible so we have to use games, visual aids, songs and extra-activities to convey the concept and improve the linguistic ability.

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