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Content and Language
Integrated Learning
in Bashkortostan
Главная » 2009 » Ноябрь » 9 » What’s going on in CLIL?
What’s going on in CLIL?

What’s going on in CLIL?

Keith Kelly (keithkelly@factworld.info)


CLIL - the focus on language for learning (what it is and how to access and activate it)


Europe: more literature and more debate

Uncovering CLIL, Mehisto, Frigols and Marsh (Estonia, Spain, Finland)

Discourse in CLIL, Dalton-Puffer (Austria)

Articles on onestopclil.com, Ball, Clegg, Kelly, accumulative resources and information

More networks (electronic, institutional)

FACTWorld www.factworld.info / factworld@yahoogroups.com Cafe CLIL

CLIL Cascade Network www.ccn-clil.eu

Bilingual Education Platform http://bilingualeduc.ning.com (Manuel Lara)


Spain: well organized

Asturias network of 140 schools (Training and Resources Centre Oviedo - training, publications, networking) - http://web.educastur.princast.es/cpr/oviedo/web/

Basque plurilingual education - http://www.gipuztik.net/ingelesa/

Spanish Bilingual Project www.britishcouncil.org/spain-education-bilingual-project


More private provision

IB look at immersion - activate prior knowledge, scaffold, extend, identity www.ibo.org

IB in the state sector (Lithuania) Didzdvario Gymnasium, Siauliai- www.dg.su.lt

Colin Baker on bilingualism - 'Scaffolding'

CLIL is all about the scaffolding learning and supporting language

ZPD - Vygotsky (CLIL is helping learners move from their comfort zone)



Malaysia – scrap EMI (question is, what can replace English?) www.factworld.info/malaysia

Phillipines – officially adopts a 'monoligual' approach to bilingualism (UNESCO)

Singapore – 40 years of plurilingual education


Middle East

Qatar - Science and Maths through English throughout the system


Oman - scoping survey www.factworld.info/oman

UAE - EM Maths and Science http://www.moe.gov.ae/english/pages/default.aspx



'ELLs' - Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners (on OSC)

Texas - www.tsusmell.org


South America

3rd Brazilian Bilingual Schools conference reports huge growth in private sector in Brazil www.playpen.com.br



There are many grey areas, but there is now a clear foundation of literature and understanding of how language works in learning, that is one which reflects 'all language' (MTs and FL), is additive rather than subtractive and offers a plurilingual approach to language and learning. CLIL has come to be known as an umbrella term for any context where content and language are integrated in learning. This is a big concept to try to deal with, perhaps too big. CLIL is the practice of integrating content and language. It is the 'what' and the 'how' of learning curriculum material in a foreign language.

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